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Why Does Content Marketing Matter?

Content marketing is a chance to satisfy consumers where they’re and stay top of mind even once you can’t be face to face. Consider this: 82 percent of consumers have made a sale as a result of content marketing. And if that wasn’t enough reason to place an end to the idea that content marketing strategy may be a “nice to have” and not a “must-have,” hear this: 70 percent of B2B buyers fully define their needs before engaging with sales, and nearly half those buyers identify a selected product or service before ever reaching out.

As traditional sales and marketing techniques subsided effectively, there’s a chance for brands to supply relevant and useful content that educates, solves problems, and clarifies subsequent steps for prospects and customers alike.

When executed correctly, a strong content marketing strategy won’t only help move prospects through the sales funnel but also drive organic traffic, build brand awareness and eventually, cultivate brand champions.


By now, you’ve heard about content marketing, but if you haven’t invested in it yet, it’d be because you’re skeptical of the long-term benefits; reluctant to take a position heavily in what might end up to be a fad. You would possibly be intimidated by your perceived complexity of the strategy, afraid to dive in if you do not know what you’re doing. Otherwise, you may need to hold off because you’re busy with other marketing strategies.

If this seems like you, know that content marketing is one of the foremost practical, effective, and useful marketing strategies today. Let these benefits convince you:

1. More on-site content.

It’s going to appear to be an easy observation, but longer spent on content marketing means you will have more content on your site. Meaning your customers will have more reasons to stay around, more opportunities to become conversant in your brand, and more trust, which can cause higher conversion rates. With a great content marketing strategy, your users will stay on your site longer, and that is always an honest thing. For more on why on-site high-quality content is a good thing, see the highest benefits of blogging on your website.

2. Higher visibility in search engines.

Every new post you increase your blog is another page that Google’s getting to index. More pages don’t always associate with more search traffic, but having more value pages indexed can funding you more opportunities to grade for more search queries. If you target long-tail keywords and topics that your customers frequently look for, you ought to have any trouble appearing for those searches together with your archive of data.