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  • Introduction of online reputation management  (ORM):

It is clear no business holder wants to see negative comments about his/her business and service moving around online. If a potential customer comes across those comments they might choose not to become your customer. That is why protecting your online reputation is so important.


Online reputation management (ORM) is about monitoring and improving how your business & service is viewed online.

This means how your online presence is discovered by:

Potential customer



Your people

Is your online presence working for or against you?

  • How can you check your online reputation:
  • SEARCH:-

Google your business, which means if you are business you can search your business also check your individual reputation, your people, that means is if your company have CEO or Managing director you can search by his name, or product, you can check your brand online reputation by search the name of your business or service.

What things you have to do see after this.

1 Are you the first five listings?

We are talking about search engine optimization. Search engine optimization also comes in the online presence that is the website is ranking then surely your online presence is good.

2 Are the links you are seeing positive?

It means all the links you can see are positive, i.e. going to relevant things. It is not that there is an irrelevant link that visible to you, which is pointing to your website or your website is going towards the irrelevant point.

Check your Google my business listing.

1 Does are exist

And here you have to see whether the account has been created or not. Whether you are ranked on Google listing or not if you are not here then you create an account.

2 Is the information accurate?

Whether the information you have entered is accurate or not like the contact number you entered in the information is the same number that has not changed.

  •  Social media review:

Google search results from a large imposing on your products and service in the eye of customers or users. They also social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram what other customers feel about your product and service.


  • How to check your online reputation:-

Check your brand’s social channels.

  • How many followers do you have?
  • When was the last you posted?
  • Do you respond to comments?
  • How about massages?
  • What’s the average response time?
  • Does what you’re posting and reflect your brand?


  • Check what’s being said on social:-

Search your hashtag, keep chasing your hashtag to see what kind of traffic is coming on your hashtag and which other posts are coming, Location you kept checking on your place where your business operates and your social mention as well, and your brand name.

Are people talk about you and your business? If so, is it positive commentary? If there are negative mentions are others hopping onboard or do your social fans come to your defense?

After that, if hashtags mentioned somewhere then you will get to know how people talking about your product, service, and brand, whether it is positive or negative, and even if some negative comment comes. Is my old loyal customer defending negative comments? If they are defending negative comments, this shows that your connection is quite good with your customer.

  • Google review:-

ORM is not only about managing content in search engines, though. It’s also about running negative business reviews and encouraging happy customers to contribute extra positive feedback.

Did you know that according to BrightLocal, “85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations”? What’s more, “49% of consumers need at least a four-star rating before they choose to use a business.”

  • Check review site:
  • Check out your Google review? Do you have any? If you have any positive reviews you can say thank you, or if there are any negative reviews you have to find their problem and solve it. And how many stars do you have? You can put together a review and rating. Are you having a strategy for doing so? Like some product companies already made a type of thank you template, if they get some positive review about their product so they simply paste that template there.

Check out other review site like Angie’s List, Yelp and Trust Pilot.

Check out Glassdoor .com. If you are a business or service you have to check out Glassdoor review because many people write their about your company or service or should have to respond to their review.

  • Why ORM is important?

In fact, about 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business.

Even a single negative comment or rating can swing the mood of the consumer.

It is also used to ensure the user’s information found online is accurate, authentic, and up-to-date.